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Cabina de la ducha del vapor con el panel de control computarizado (LTS-8150)

Tipo de Pago: L/C, T/T

Información básica

Modelo:  LTS-8150

Descripción del producto

Modelo: LTS-8150 Estilo abierto: Deslizamiento Función: Bandeja multi-funcional Material: ABS Grueso de cristal: 5m m Panel de control de la computadora: Panel de control de la computadora Tamaño: 1500 * 1500 * 2200m m MOQ (un modelo) : CE Código de HS: 9406000090 Forma de la bandeja: Sector Persona: Panel simple Material: Vidrio templado Material del marco: Aleación de aluminio Tipo de ducha: Combinación Ducha Estereofonia: FM MOQ (Orden): Un 20FT (Mezclado con diferentes modelos) Paquete: Bolso de la burbuja y cartón Origen: Zhe Jiang, China A. Detalles rápidos:

- Modelo: LTS-8150
- Tamaño: 1500 * 1500 * 2200m m
- Vidrio templado de 5mm
- Perfil de aluminio plateado satinado
- Plato de ducha ABS y tapa

B. Imagen del detalle:

Steam Shower Cabin with Computerized Control Panel (LTS-8150)

C. Características y configuración:
Model No. LTS-890C
Size 1500*1500*2200mm
Glass door 5mm tempered glass
Thickness choice: 4mm available
Glass finish choice:matt glass, grey glass, printed glass, frosted glass, acid glass, colorful glass, colorful woven glass, colorful acid glass etc.
Aluminum  Profile Satin silver aluminum profile
More choices about aluminum finish and shape: White, Chrome and other available
Shower tray Made of 3.5mm ABS board
Surface finish with reinforced by 100% resin and 3 layers of fiber glass.
Metal bracket in tray bottom, Stainless steel bracket is optional.
Main Configuration 1-Top shower
1- Exhaust fan
1-Tower bar
1-Change over switch
1-Cold/hot water faucet 
9-Sharp massage
1-Handle shower
1-Glass shelf 
1-Foot massage device
15-Star Background lamp
1-Computer control panel with radio system ,Top lamp
Optional Function Steam system
Thermostatic faucet

D. Flujo de Producción:

Steam Shower Cabin with Computerized Control Panel (LTS-8150)

Steam Shower Cabin with Computerized Control Panel (LTS-8150)

E. Nuestra fuerza y ​​servicio:
Safety guarantee:
       -All our shower rooms are made strictly according to CE standard.
       -Each of the products with the electricity leakage protection system.
       -Whirlpool shells are environmental protection, security, no pollution, no radiation.
High-efficient and Energy-saving:
      -Energy efficient is important, operating your shower cabin over the year is part of the total cost.
      -Every component used in the manufacturing process has been selected to ensure that we use only the best.
Super-convenient operation:
       -Easy to use is nice, because you'll enjoy your shower and use it more often. High quality computer control panel system, shower cabin frame and tempered glass are helpful.
After-sales service:
       -In order to improving constantly, we pay great attention to customer's suggestions.
       -If there is something wrong with your shower cabin,please send us photos or video, we will confirm with our stuff and Parts suppliers to avoid the same problem later.
       -About your problems, new accessories will be sent to you as fast as possible.

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